Davis Family History

Davis Butcher's Shop, Teme Street, TenburyFormer Davis Butcher's Shop, Teme Street, Tenbury September 2001

The DAVIS Family are my ancesters on my father's side. Recently, they come from the area around Tenbury Wells in Worcestershire. This is a rural community just a short distance from the border between England and Wales. Most family members within the last 150 - 200 years were born either in Tenbury or in the surrounding villages of Rochford, Kyre and Bockleton as well as the village of Stoke Bliss in Herefordshire. However, the true origins of the family name are in Manafon, Montgomeryshire, Wales where my great-great-great grandfather Reece Davies was born in 1802.

I guess like most people who are interested in researching their family's history, I have always wondered what life was like for my ancesters and probably one of the strangest things to comprehend is that one can have ancesters who, whilst living in the same town and at the same time can have totally diverse upbringings. For example, one as a member of a family with large holdings of land and private tutors and the other living in a workhouse!

Then and Now

The two photographs on the right were taken outside the front of the Davis family butcher's shop in Tenbury Wells. The top picture was taken around 1900 and shows William Holloway DAVIS, my Great-Grandfather can be seen on the extreme left hand side of the picture. The significance of the other photograph is that although it is no longer a butcher's shop, the hooks on the wall used for hanging the meat are still present today.
As well as the name DAVIS, the name STEWARD can also be seen displayed. STEWARD was the maiden name of William Holloway Davis's grandmother (my great-great-great-grand mother), Sarah Steward born c. 1809 in Thornbury, Herefordshire. I'm keen to find out more of the history of the business.